500 ton gantry single-point mechanical press for auto parts processing

Manufacturing Precision Standards : Japanese JIS 1 Class1. Parameters1)  200ton  --  300ton Parameters  NameUnitXTS-200XTS-250XTS-300Capacityton200200250250300300Rated tonnage pointmm474797Strokemm4025040250300250Speed changings.p.m60-13020-4050-11020-4020-3520-35Die heightmm350550380550650550Maximumkg10

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Manufacturing Precision Standards : Japanese JIS 1 Class
1. Parameters
1)  200ton  --  300ton Parameters  
Rated tonnage pointmm474797
Speed changings.p.m60-13020-4050-11020-4020-3520-35
Die heightmm350550380550650550
Slide adjustmentmm100150100150150150
Slide areamm900x800900x800900x800900x8001000x9001000x900
Bolster areamm1000x9001000x9001000x9001000x9001100x10001100x1000
Bolster thicknessmm170170180180200200
Side openingmm400x400400x400400x400400x400400x500400x500
Height of the top surface of bed from floor levelmm850850850850850850
Work energykgxm80015001000200030002500
Main MotorHpxp30x430x430x430x430x430x4
Slide adjusting moterkwxp2x42x42x42x42x42x4
Frame structure one piece frame

2)  400ton  --  600ton Parameters  
Rated tonnage pointmm97137713
Speed changings.p.m15-3020-3510-2515-3015-2515-20
Die heightmm600650650700700650
Slide adjustmentmm150150150150150150
Slide areamm1100x11001100x11001200x12001200x12001200x12001200x1200
Bolster areamm1200x12001200x12001300x12001300x12001300x12001300x1200
Bolster thicknessmm200200220220240240
Side openingmm400x500400x500500x650500x650500x650500x650
Height of the top surface of bed from floor levelmm109010901200120013501350
Work energykgxm360028007000380050008000
Main MotorHpxp30x430x430x430x430x430x4
Slide adjusting moterkwxp2x42x43x43x43x43x4
Frame structure  tie rod type

Product Features:
1)   Combined with European, American, and Japanese advanced technologies/adopt functional structure/ CAE dynamic simulation optimization design
2)   High-rigidity and high-quality steel welding or whole frame casting for tempering/ vibration stress processing
3)   High-standard fabrication processing for key parts of gears and bent axles for hard chrome plating/nitriding/grinding
4)   High-performance configurations such as controllers/drive parts/electromagnetic clutches/ pneumatic elements and bearings
5)   Technical grade of international stamping equipment and high inspection index.
6)   High-response multi-functional superposition expansion/high-quality industrial control processor
7)   High-memory module/individual design franchised software compilation
8)   High-compatibility multi-axial variable speed drive/automation equipment onboard expansion
9)   High-intelligent human-computer interface/high-frequency real-time control/Ethernet & USB interface

Standard Configuration:
> Hydraulic overload protector
> Electric slider adjusting device
> Digital moulding-height indicator(unit: 0.1 mm)
> Slider and mould balancing device
> Rotary cam switch
> Crank angle indicator
> Circulation centralization lubrication oil feeding device
> Electromagnetic stroke counter
> Over-run safety device
> Programmable controller
> Moveable T-type operating floor
> Air source connector
> Independent electric control cabinet
> Maintenance tool and tool box

Optional Configuration:
> Die cushion
> Upper slider knock out device
> Die Light
> Main motor inversion device
> Photo-electric safety device
> Safety groove and safety pin
> Pre-set counter (6 digits)
> Loading inspection device
> Misfeed detection consent
> Frequency converter
> Basic bolt and soleplate
> Anti-vibration foot
> Safety shelf and safety ladder
> Power socket
> Quick die change device

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