Automated 3-in-1 Straightener with CNC Servo Feeder (MAC4-1000H)

Welcome OEM & ODMAutomatic feeding material system roller straightening machine NC servo straightener feederSpecification:ModelMAC4-600HMAC4-800HMAC4-1000HMAC4-1300HStock Width(mm)70~60070~80070~100070~1300Stock Thickness(mm)0.6~6.00.6~6.00.6~6.00.6~6.0Max.Coil Weight(kg)50005000700010000Max.Coil O.D.(mm)1400140014001400Coil

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Automatic feeding material system roller straightening machine NC servo straightener feeder

Stock Width(mm)70~60070~80070~100070~1300
Stock Thickness(mm)0.6~6.00.6~6.00.6~6.00.6~6.0
Max.Coil Weight(kg)50005000700010000
Max.Coil O.D.(mm)1400140014001400
Coil I.D.(mm)508508508508
Feed Length(mm)~500*~500*~500*~500*
Max.Line Speed(m/min)16~2416~2416~2416~24
Work Roll Number(piece)upper 6/lower 5upper 6/lower 5upper 6/lower 5upper 6/lower 5
Feed Roll number(set)1111
Main MotorAC15.0AC15.0AC15.0AC22.0
Mandrel ExpansionHydrauilcHydrauilcHydrauilcHydrauilc
Reel Motor(kw)
Power(v)3 Phase 220V/380V/50HZ
Operating Air(Mpa)0.490.490.490.49

Straigtening Performance(For High tention materials):
Stock Thickness

Automation 3 in 1 Straightener with Nc Servo Feeder (MAC4-1000H)

         Guangdong Ruihui Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Was founded in January2000. We have rich experience's research and development troop, Has the advanced processing equipment's production base,  With perfect marketing service network. 
Since its establishment, we RuiHui machinery companies as a technology leader specializing in straightening press materials sent outside of the manufacturing and processing equipment. Has developed a number of feed production automation
equipment, available to the area of each feed.

Automation 3 in 1 Straightener with Nc Servo Feeder (MAC4-1000H)
Automation 3 in 1 Straightener with Nc Servo Feeder (MAC4-1000H)Automation 3 in 1 Straightener with Nc Servo Feeder (MAC4-1000H)
           Press automation equipment we have in the broader field of application of stamping the possibility has been explored with non-stop. in 2004 started us to study and to absorb many Taiwan well-known automation feeding equipment's technique
of manufacture, Will make the base to expand 12000m2, Has acquired the numerical control machining center, the computer lathe, the cylindrical grinder and so on advanced processing equipment, Has had the production high quality equipment's
           In order to make with the international brand competition ramming automatic equipment, we have been trying hard.  2007 In more than 20 years of accumulated experience and outstanding R & D design capability, under the guidance of Japanese
technicians, we have advanced production technology to penetrate RuiHui our machines in each manufacturing process, In order to produce the equipment which the going abroad on a diplomatic mission customer most approves, we compiled in detail have analyzed 5730 feed control equipment the opinion which fed back in more than 10 year actual operation, so that we can detail the needs of the customer, R & D differences in the production of unique and excellent quality to ensure the tability of the machine. Is ideal machine which the user hoped for,  At the same time ensure that our commitment RuiHui:
            We more professional
            We Faster
            We Can For you easily complete the task       
            RuiHui we follow the "customer first, quality first" business philosophy, rooted in the local Chinese, have been successful in Southeast Asia, India, Turkey, Russia ...... etc. overseas clients with an ideal feeding automation equipment stamping.

            RuiHui people every day committed to the development of more sophisticated feeding automation equipment. For customers to create value is our eternal pursuit
            RuiHui people;Design, development, development international brand ramming automatic equipment Is our RuiHui  responsibility......

Automation 3 in 1 Straightener with Nc Servo Feeder (MAC4-1000H)

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