C Type 110 Ton Coil Feeder Mechanical Molding Press

Manufacturing Precision Standards : Japanese JIS 1 Class1. Parameters1) 25ton   ~60ton Parameters   ItemXPA-25XPA-35XPA-45XPA-60ModelVHVHVHVHCapacityTon25354560Rated tonnage pointmm3. changings.p.m60-140130-20040-120110-18040-100100-15035-9080-120Stable speeds.p.m110857565Strokemm6

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Manufacturing Precision Standards : Japanese JIS 1 Class
1. Parameters
1) 25ton   ~60ton Parameters  
Rated tonnage pointmm3.
Speed changings.p.m60-140130-20040-120110-18040-100100-15035-9080-120
Stable speeds.p.m110857565
Die heightmm200215220235250 265310340
Slide adjustmentmm50556075
Slide areamm300x230x50360x250x50400x300x60500x360x70
Bolster areamm680x300x70800x400x70850x440x80900x500x80
Shank holemmΦ38.1Φ38.1Φ38.1Φ38.1
Main motorkw.p3.7x43.7x45.5x45.5x4
Slide adjust deviceHPManual operation
Air pressurekg/cm26666
Presses precision GB(JIS)1 classGB(JIS)1 classGB(JIS)1 classGB(JIS)1 class
Presses dimensionmm1280x850x22001380x900x24001575x950x25001595x1000x2800
Presses weightTons2.133.85.6
Die cushion OptionalCapacityTon-
Die cushion effective areamm2-300x230300x230350x300

2) 80ton   ~200ton Parameters  
Rated tonnage pointmm42636363
Speed changings.p.m35-8080-12030-6060-9020-5040-7020-5050-70
Stable speeds.p.m65503535
Die heightmm340380360410400450460510
Slide adjustmentmm8080100110
Slide areamm560x420x70650x470x80700x550x90850x550x90
Bolster areamm1000x550x901150x600x1101250x800x1401350x820x140
Shank holemmΦ50Φ50Φ65Φ65
Main motorkw.p7.5x411x415x418x4
Slide adjust deviceHP Electrial driving
Air pressurekg/cm26666
Presses precision GB(JIS)1 classGB(JIS)1 classGB(JIS)1 classGB(JIS)1 class
Presses dimensionmm1800x1180x29801900x1300x32002420x1390x34652420x1490x3612
Presses weightTons6.59.61416
Die cushion OptionalCapacityTon3.66.31010
Die cushion effective areamm2450x310500x350650x420650x420

3) 260ton   ~315ton Parameters  
Rated tonnage point6373.5
Speed changing20-5050-7020-3535-50
Stable speed3030
Die height460550500550
Slide adjustment120120
Slide area850x630x90950x700x100
Bolster area1400x820x1601600x900x200
Shank holeΦ65Φ65
Main motor22x430x4
Slide adjust deviceElectrical Driven 
Air pressure66
Presses precisionGB(JIS)1 class GB(JIS)1 class 
Presses dimension2735x1780x40702845x1950x4500
Presses weight2233
Die cushion capacity1414
Die cushion effective area710x480810x480

Product Features :
* With high rigidity rack design, they are welded with the use of high- quality steel plates, through relieving of internal stresses, so that stability and reliability of the whole machine in precision are enhanced.
* Consistent driving center and machine center to guarantee accurate and stable punching.
* In order to guarantee relative stationarity of machine operation, it is necessary to equip with two balancers.
* Moulding-adjustment precision is as high as 0.1mm, safe, speedy, and reliable.
* Through hard oxidation and grinding, such parts as bent axles, gear sets, and connecting rods possess higher combination property and tolerance.
* Adopt highly sensitive and reliable clutch/brake and internationally top duplex magnetic valve, as well as overload protection devices, to guarantee precision and safety for operation and stop of press rams.
* Machine's structural design shall be reasonable, for the convenience of realizing automatic production, reducing cost, and improving efficiency.
* Possess advanced design concepts, low noise, low consumption, and energy saving.
Standard configuration :
* Inverter
* Hydraulic over-load protector
* Slide adjuster (60Tons and below)
* Slide adjust device (80Tons and above)
* Die height indicator (60Tons and below)
* Die height indicator (60Tons and above)
* Balance device
* Rotary cam switch
* Misfeed detection consent
* Power supply
* Crank angle indicator
* Electrical stroke counter
* Air source connector
* Against over-run safety device
* Air ejector
* Maintenance tool box
* Operation manual
Optional Configuration :
* High performance wet clutch & brake
* Electrical automatic lubrication system
* Pneumatic die cushion device
* Foot switch
* Quick die change device (die lifter, clamp and die arm sepjes)
* Slide knock-out device
* Anti-vibration press mount
* Photo-electronic safety device
* Feeder
* Uncoiler
* Leveler
* Mechanism hand
* Die room light
* Touch pad (preset total counter)
* PAC 100 counter system
* Human-computer control system


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