Fully automatic high-speed gravure printing machine, automatic registration system speed 300m/Min

Machine direction                            from the left to the rightPrint units                  

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Machine direction                            from the left to the right
Print units                                         1~12 colors
Max film width                                600mm~1350mm
Max.machine speed                          270m/min(Φ300mm plate cylinder dia.)
Max. print speed                               300m/min(Φ300mm Plate cylinder dia.)
Max. print repeat length                   630-1400mm
Color register accuracy                     Circumferential ±0.1mm(automatic register)
Lateral ± 0.1mm(manual control)
Unwind web-roll dia                         Φ800mm
Rewind web-roll dia.                         Φ800mm
Tension range                                    5-60kg(full load)
Tension accuracy                              ±0.5kg( breadth accuracy)
Paper core dia                                  φ76 mm(inner)×φ92mm(outer)
Air source                                        0.6Mpa(6 bar, approx.0.5m3/h)
Impression                                           900kg(full-breadth load)
Doctor dance                                    ±5mm
Drying method(At choice)               Steam(5bar,80ºC,approx.500m3/h)
(user provides the heat source)
Cooling water                                      8T/h(0.3MPa)   (25~30ºC)
Print motor power                           11.0 KW Servo motor
Total machine power                       Approx. 210 KW
Full Automatic High Speed Rotogravure Printing Press with Auto Register System Speed 300m/Min


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